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The company adopts a new incentive mechanism, so that employees can enjoy options, so that the value of individuals can be realized in the soaring of the enterprise.
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dafa888注册网站Haier (Beijing) IC Design Company Ltd is a business of new advanced technology invested in and established by the Haier Group. It is located in the Beijing Zhongguancun Advanced Science and Technology District.

dafa888注册网站Mainly engaged in the field of audio and video, network, communication chips and total solutions research and development.

The main products have satellite 、Cable and Terrestrial STB demodulators and decoders chipsets;Flat-panel TV chipsets;Broadband chipset CDR/DAB/FM chipsets and so on. At the same time, offering customers Competitive system solutions.

Address:Room B201,block B,Mudan science and technology building,No.2 Huayuan Road,Haidian District,Beijing,China.
Tel:( 86-10 ) 62385138,62385160,62385068
E-mail: market@heblox.com
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